About MHP Pharmacy

MHP pharmacy is a Michigan based physician owned pharmacy centered around the ultimate in patient care and satisfaction. Since it’s inception MHP’s main goal was to provide the best in patient care and outcomes, so the addition of pharmacy services was inevitable. With multiple locations and access to physician charts we offer many services that others simply cannot.

At MHP we offer free home delivery, disease specific counseling through our very own specialty pharmacy, benefits investigation, financial assistance investigation/referral, accelerated prior authorization service, and patient adherence programs including MHP Passport which is a medication list that is sent with each new prescription which allows our patients to have full view of their current medication regimen printed on a convenient card that you can take with you to your next dr visit, just to name a few of our many unique services.

At MHP we strongly believe that the service we provide goes above and beyond just simply filling a prescription, we are involved in our patients care every step of the way since we work hand in hand with your doctor to provide the ultimate in patient care.

Your Doctor chooses MHP, we welcome you to do the same. Please call or visit for a personal consultation.

Your Doctor chooses MHP, we welcome you to do the same.